Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thank You

Recently facing mood downfall n serious insomnia, its 7.38am, im still awake so just write a quick blog thru my phone. Last night drink until really drunk, u may ask why want to do this to myself but what i can tell is: that's the way i release myself and u have no idea of what my condition is.

Thanks to my friend the lovely bartender, the place already close down.. But he is still making me drink when i request for it.

Thank u Benjamin Oon, your shoulder are too nice to cry on it and your power warm hug. Its make me feel alot better.

Thank u Erica darling, you always be there for me whenever i need u and you are so understanding.

Glad to have you guys in my life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Im back

After so long, finally decide to come back for my blog.

What happen after I stop writting my blog... too much to talk about but what I can tell is:

>>I found peoples that I love and peoples that love me

>>Made alot of mistake in life but I grew up in every mistake

>>Met alot new friend and of course some comes and goes

My Brother - Ben ( someone who I really trust because we are both Gemini =) )

All my jimui a.ka BFF - we cry, we laugh, we play tgt
They always be beside me whenever I need them the most. Thanks God to send them to my life. Appreciate.

P.S: for those ppl in the pic, dont laugh at me when you see this. I know its so not my style.
and sry for the broken English.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last Week Menu

Klang Bak Kut Teh

We ate so much


Klang Bak Kut Teh
Me and my friend rushing all the way to klang for our lunch Bak Kut Teh because I am craving for it badly~

Durian Cheese Cake
Homemade Durian Cheese Cake
 Sue's Homemade durian cheese cake, it is quite different from Secret Recipe durian cheese cake because they dont have the cheese taste.

Western Dine-In

Is a chocolate muffin with moss and there is some fruits at the bottom

Dont know what flaming what what what
They do it live,there is flaming part but no chance to take picture,too fast

Dine in dinner at TTDI Boathouse, we eat a lot...the food there quite nice

Monday, November 22, 2010

Its party month

My party habit is coming back now, Party non stop for this few weeks

Enjoy the moment of alcohol, looking at hot chicks, hot man, favorite friends, music, dancing, laughing  in the club.

Thank u guys and girls, u guys make my life colourful  =)

Friends from Japan

3 of us didn't hang out for quite a long time <3

Met Alice Yew there


Is a multi-purpose lighter

Skye Teng and Billy Chan is bro and

Hot girl - Alane Neo

Pretty Girl - Yvonne Ng

Hot chicks! (except me)....hahahhaha

Last but not least...let me introduce my hubby to you guys
Skye Teng <3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

what a day

Suppose to finish our parody film shooting by today, but the god just dont allow so He keep the sky raining for whole day.

I waiting at Secret Receipe with my team and talent, but the rain doesn't looks like going to stop so we change plan. After that we go Spicy for makan, its been long time didnt go back there...I miss the roti bakar telur cheese there,so nice =D

After dinner with them, 3 of the monkey decide to go for a movie, we choosed - Skyline. For me the movie is quite cacat la, it makes me remind of District 9. Not recommeded to watch because of the storyline but the editting and graphic is awesome.

By the time I reach home, Rara (my doggie) give me surprise...She played with my make up box and she hide mascara & eyeliner under her bed, naughty Rara... But i think she just try to put on make up ,haha.

Anyway,just finish my another ass.ignment which is create a station ID and go now ciao then sleep.Night peeps!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Full day plan for Deepavali Holiday

First,we went Sabak Bernam for a friend deepavali open house...tasted their curry mutton~yum yum

After that,straight away we go to Ipoh for fetching my Bii home due to her mom's birthday.

 Before leaving, we ate bean sprouts chicken rice and bought some local products*XD then back to KL

The boss are so nice


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party~

Halloween party at Segi College, the Halloween Mini Car Show Party.

It is not in my plan because I received a call from my friend on Sunday morning itself and he told me that his car club has a car show and they needed a model.

Everything was doing in very rush way. We rushed to Sunway Pyramid to get my costume and I choose to become a Witch XD

After whole night,they choose me to become the best model and get some prize from them~ quite happy because the prize are useful for me =)

The Witch costume

Get a perfume from clinique, trophy and fuji instax cam XD

This is a Diary for me.

Choose to start blogging, for me, it's just writting story and diary for my life.